Shereen Dindar is a qualified Holistic Counsellor (Reg No: HC2018/234), who provides talk therapy and practices as a talk therapist, counsellor and Demartini Faciliator.  She is in practice since 2006 and holds a Bachelor of Arts – majors in Psychology and Education, Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Hons Bachelor in Education Management degree, through Unisa. She is also an author of the book – ‘I was Hijacked and I am Grateful’ published in 2017, and a ‘Women in Leadership’ Graduate of the University of Orange Free State Business School. Shereen uses the holistic approach to counselling and talk therapy and is the founder of the company – LetsTalkLifeTalk where as a talk therapist and counsellor, she provides face to face and online counselling through talk therapy, to her clients globally. How does LetsTalkLifeTalk work?  When a client runs into problems, we look for solutions and alternatives by working around the issue, improvising, being creative, and looking at other options by TALKING and not giving up! What is the VISION, MISSION AND FOCUS of LetsTalkLifeTalk?

MISSION:  To provide quality, effective and supportive guidance through talk therapy for individuals who are experiencing challenging situations. 

We are here to serve Humanity!

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide simple, powerful solutions to everyday life challenges through talk therapy, and holistic approach to wellness.

VISION:  To serve the needs of our community ‘glocally’ with effective talk therapy counselling.

FOCUS:  Holistic empowerment of individuals and groups through talk therapy counselling, mentoring and facilitating scientifically sound processes and methodologies.

PURPOSE:  To serve others through empowering and making a difference to lives.

BUSINESS STRATEGY:  Investing in Humanity to uplift Society!

Individuals are unique and empowering them to find their unique purpose and helping them to celebrate it, is the basis of our service through talk therapy counselling.



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